About Ambition Indo Steel

Ambition Indo Steel is a specialised manufacturer of a wide range of quality Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes as well as Mild Steel Pipes for various applications.

Founded and managed by Rohit Kasliwal and Shiv Kumar to cater the ever growing needs of the industries, Ambition Indo Steel utilizes state of the art manufacturing process; advanced machinery; rigorous quality-control procedures and cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions. Relying on creative and flexible management, as well as well-trained and experienced personnel, we are advancing into the market actively. Our main aim is not only to provide the highest quality but also to enable our customers to compete more successfully in the markets they serve.


Our Products Range


Stainless steel tubes and pipes have a number of uses in a wide variety of industries. It can be used during manufacturing in processing plants or can become part of a final product.